Giammattei criticizes protests, foreign funding and avoids talking about Consuelo Porras

Amid a day of protests in which riot police fired tear gas at demonstrators outside the National Palace of Culture, President Alejandro Giammatte criticized the move eight days ago by residents to demand the resignation of Attorney General Consuelo Borres. He said that “The only thing that can endanger the democratic order is calls for a blockade.”

In recent days, several social sectors have demanded that Giamatte speak on people’s demands for Boras to step down as head of the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP). The President avoided the issue on his national network and asked people to stop the demonstrations. According to him, those who participate in them “are not the majority, they are small pickets across the country, continuously.”

Giamatte said he was addressing Guatemalans in his message “At a crucial moment” for the nation. He urged them to protest “without prejudice to other rights” who were “disturbed by demonstrations and blockades.”

“Unfortunately, after a week of protests, the distribution of essential goods and services “It has stopped with serious consequences for the population, seriously threatened, as well as for the economy, which has already suffered losses of millions of dollars and affects the pockets of everyone, especially the most vulnerable,” the president said.

He also criticized the subversive activities in some sectors “In the midst of incidents that have started spiraling out of control, against businesses, traders and individuals Those who encouraged a national strike, called for blockades, threatened to lead us into chaos.”

“It is imperative that we reflect on these actions and find an avenue that allows us to express our concerns. But in a real calm and respectful way, The president said that the blockades were not peaceful and therefore assured that “all actions outside of what is established by law will no longer be tolerated”. “The blockades are illegal.”

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He also explained “Transformation, substitution and transfer of power are priorities for social peace and ensuring the country’s democracy”; And, he said, “Calls for a blockade are the only thing that can endanger the democratic order.”

They said they would request multiple arrest warrants and, according to sources they gathered, “they are verifying that funds from abroad have been transferred to national NGOs, from where the sources to pay for the food came. Small Health Services and the Logistics of Blockades.”

According to the President “We have had cyber attacks on administration pages from these same countries, And assures that “many obstacles in the west of the country have received the participation and advice of foreign people, in some cases we have already identified and will be seized at the first opportunity.”

“This leads us to the conclusion that there is foreign participation in the destabilization of our Guatemala.” The President said without clarifying which countries he was referring to.

“Fathers, promoters of this coup, this is one of the greatest mistakes I have ever heard of. Let me make it clear that you cannot stage a coup against someone who does not rule. “You are responsible for what happens, “The control of protesters and blockades that you called for has gotten out of hand,” he added.

He also invited President-elect Bernardo Arevalo “And so we sit down to discuss a meeting in the presence of the OAS Mediation Mission January 14th is about the path to be taken to ensure peaceful handover of power of a country without conflict between people.

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As a sign of his willingness to do so, Giamatte insisted that he would hand over power on January 14th. “That includes my offer to the president-elect The President’s Office should be in the Presidential Palace.”

For eight days, a sit-in has been held demanding the departure of Attorney General Consuelo Boras, prosecutor Rafael Krucic and Judge Freddy Orellana. A probe into the electoral court for alleged irregularities in the disputed first and second round elections Last June and August.

Arevalo believes that the three authorities are trying, with the support of the United States, the European Union and other countries and international organizations. is anti-democratic and seeks to prevent his inauguration as president on January 14.

Arevalo accuses them of “advancing a conspiracy.” Because of the fear of the power elite he promised to fight corruption.

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