Ghost of the Council of State

Ahmed Rodriguez, a Cuban YouTuber identified on social networks as “Peace Memes,” mocked the ruler. Miguel Diaz-Canel delivers a message There he gave the arrival of 2023 and said it looks like the ghost of the State Council.

With hilarious anecdotes to mark it, Abejas Memes recreated Díaz-Canel’s TV message and responded to his words with gestures and great witty phrases.

One of the concerns he expressed was due to the remarkable paleness of the ruler’s image in the video, which led him to wonder who his makeup artist was, “who argues that he should remove and remove the dead Alicia Alonso. Sticking to him.”

The whiteness of the face, the joker speculated, was probably due to the fact that they had thrown all the tiles of Cuba in his face, and now he was the ghost of the Council of State.

The InfluencersAdditionally, involving one of the characters she plays as a woman (Maku, a housewife), she inquires whether Díaz-Canel has a visa for the country where she lives because she wants to go there, a clear hint. That’s how far it is from the reality of Cuba.

Dozens of netizens admitted to laughing out loud at his jokes, but realized that the ruler’s words contained a great deal of hypocrisy.

“We laugh at your wit and your good humour, but the truth is, this misguided boy’s cynicism knows no bounds,” said one netizen.

“Carlisle is having fun, buy her dark glasses so she can see she’s light,” joked another.

Ahmed Rodriguez A few months ago Silver got the YouTube buttonRecognition for reaching 100 thousand subscribers on the platform.

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“I never thought I could achieve it in a few months. Thanks to my followers and CIA’s unconditional support. 100,000 plate,” the influencer celebrated with humor and banter.

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