Getafe plans to put the municipal space at the service of the sanitary strike

municipal groups PSOE, Podemos and More Madrid Getafe has publicly shown support for the primary care and pediatrics strike. They expressed this at the Municipal Plenary of February 22 through a motion in which they urged the Community of Madrid to invest the economic and personnel resources needed by Madrid’s public health. Now, in the plenary session scheduled for today, they have adjusted themselves to go a little further and provide the strikers with the necessary means so that they can continue their protest against the Provincial Executive of Health in Madrid.

Thus, the amendment is proposed “Urge the municipal plenary or support specific actions by health workers and groups in the municipality of Getafe, facilitating the municipal spaces and logistical support they may need, if necessary”. The amendment was signed by Herminio Fico, spokesperson for the municipal socialist group, Alba Leo, of Podemos and Jesus Perez, spokesperson for Mas Madrid Compromiso con Getafe.

In the initial proposal made by the three groups, they alluded to “The People’s Party’s continuous interruption of society and its numerous attacks”. They even included complaints against the Diaz Ayuso government: “Collection units have been left closed for more than two years and hospital emergency rooms have collapsed; Converting these centers to PACs, staffing shortages with the necessary personnel. Madrid continues to be the community that spends the least on health and the lack of pediatricians in primary care and the low budget for this is worrying.”

The mayor of the socialist southern town also expressed her support for the strike on several occasions. We understand the situation health workers in our area are going through. And we support demands like this, which only give voice to what is just, that decisions against public health and municipalities like Getafe are no longer taken in Puerta del Sol,” he said after one of the month’s mobilizations from December.

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The entourage also left the town of Getafe to support the various actions that took place in the capital, Madrid, for public health.

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