Germany, already in contention for the World Cup, recommended a defamatory defeat to Liechtenstein

Berlin Germany.

Germany, already classified as Qatar 2022, overcame the steamroller in moderate Liechtenstein on Thursday and ended up with a win (9-0), having to face a major setback as Hofer was sent off.

Liechtenstein’s aspiration is a small selection full of players serving in the Minor League and Lower Level teams, only to provide resistance for as long as possible.

They had some wins in the first leg, a decent 0-2 defeat and the best performance of goalkeeper Benjamin Bechlin.

Ilke Gundogan scored with this penalty kick.

In this case, however, the opposition soon broke down. Hofer nailed Leon Goretska in the neck in the 9th minute when he tried to cut the cross after Germany had been awarded a penalty.

Hofer was sent off with a straight red card and Ilke Gundogan converted a penalty for Germany.

In large numbers, Liechtenstein had no way of resisting Germany, which was locked in its area from the first minute to the first minute.

Opportunities began to converge. Two saves from Bechel and Crossbar – Kundokan’s header. They put things off a bit but from the 20th minute everything happened very quickly.

$!  Leroy Sane was greeted by his teammates after his goal.

Leroy Sane was greeted by his teammates after his goal.

Kaufman first scored on his own goal when he tried to deflect a cross from Christian Thunder. Then, on the 21st, Leroy Sane scored the third with a shot into the box from Goretska, and on the 23rd Marco Reyes signed the fourth.

Despite scoring more goals in the first half, Liechtenstein organized a little better defensively.

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Fifth he came in at 49, marked by Sane with a right foot shot to the center of the Reus.

Germany continued to play, sometimes beautifying themselves and losing the last pass. The sixth goal was delayed until the 76th minute when Thomas Mல்லller scored after a corner kick and several rebounds.

Thomas Mல்லller joins Germany's scoring party.

Thomas Mல்லller joins Germany’s scoring party.

In the 79th game, Kevin Woland headed seventh from the crossbar and 80th Riddle Baku finished seventh with a shot from the right to the far post.

Mல்லller repeated a shot from the center of the area to the center of the Rஸ்s in the 86th, and in the 90s a shot from Baku came in ninth, which hit Koppel in the head, leaving Bechlez with no choice.

With this sixth win in a row, Flick broke Lowe’s record for the best start as a German coach, beginning his reign with five wins.

This Thursday is another historic moment in Wolfsburo: ‘Mannschaft’ is refereed for the first time by a woman, Croatian Ivana Martinsic.

$! Croatian referee Ivana Martiniசி made history by whistling the match.

Croatian referee Ivana Martiniசி made history by blowing the whistle.


9 – Germany: செய்திகள்; Hoffman (Nmecha, 46), Kehrer (Ginter, 72), Rüdiger, Günter; Koretska (Newhaus, 46), Kundokan (Arnold, 64); Baku, Rias, Sane (Woland, 64); Y. Miller.

0 – Liechtenstein: Büchel; S. Wölfinger (Brändle, 83), Malin, businessman, Hofer, Göppel; Sele (Büchel Martin, 84), Frommmelt, Hasler, Frick (F. Wolfinger, 29) (Meier, 69); Y. Salanovic (Kruneltelder 69).

Goals: 1-0 (min. 11, Kundokan de Penalty), 2-0 (min. 20, Kaufman en Propia Puerta), 3-0 (min. 21, Sane), 4-0 (min. 23, Rius), 5-0 (min. 49, Sane), 6-0 (min. 76, M முller), 7-0 (min., Baku), 8-0 (min. 86, Mல்லller), 9-0 (min. 90, Koppel n Probia Puerta)

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Referee: Ivana Martinsic (Croatia). He kicked Hofer straight out with the red. Rudiger advised

Incidents: Group J match of the European qualifying round for Qatar 2022.

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