George RR Martin works on a sci-fi series for HBO

In the past week, Term announced that the acclaimed writer George RR Martin he was working in a new sci-fi series for HBO. Fortunately, it did not take long for it to become official, as Martin himself confirmed the news today through his Twitter account. Thus, the creator of the Westeros story (Game of Thrones) will once again join forces with HBO in a production that, curiously, is also related to dragons.

George RR Martin’s new series for HBO will be based on Road marks, the fantasy novel written by the American Roger Zelazny. The history of this work takes us to a highway where you can travel back in time. The exits of it lead to other times and different places. However, altering situations in the past generate that the exits towards the future are altered. According to legend, the road was created by the Dragons of Bel’kwinith.

The script adapted from Road marks it will be the responsibility of Kalinda vazquez, who was a screenwriter of Star Trek: Discovery and also participated as a producer of Fear of the walking dead. George RR Martin, meanwhile, will executive produce the series. But you will not be alone, because it will accompany you Vince gerardis, who was an executive producer of Game of Thrones and it will also be Dragon House. The latter is the prequel that will arrive in 2022.

George RR Martin says the series was not advertised because of how uncertain it is to walk the path until it receives the green light. “Development is a long and uncertain process. Thousands of series are offered, hundreds of pilots are written, dozens of pilots are filmed, but only a few of them get the green light to become series. And what is the point of announcing projects that may never air? That’s why HBO, like most production companies, prefers to keep these things quiet. “

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When will ‘Winter Winds’ come?

The situation is quite curious. While the series based on Road marks little by little it will begin to generate expectation, millions of people are still waiting for the British author to finish Winds of Winter, the sixth novel by Song of ice and fire. The wait has been on for a long time, and despite promises to finish it soon, George RR Martin does not appear to have a solid commitment to finishing it.

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