Genet feels “very saddened by PRM decision” to continue with Eduardo Estrella as chairman of Borneo Senate

Puerto Plato’s Senator Ginnett Bornigal said he regretted the decision to reinstate Eduardo Estrella, Senator for the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) in Santiago, as president of the High Council.

“I found out just like you, I found the same thing (from the press). And I want to say I wanted to, because I think I have the right to be a permist, and I’m not going to say any opinion but I believe I am in the modern revolutionary party,” the legislator said.

When interviewed on the show “Tu Manana” produced by audiovisual portal Kachicha, he said that he came to know about the decision through the media as they did not attend the executive meeting and they did not consult with him. He or other applicants for the position.

Yesterday, PRM leader Jose Ignacio Polisa announced that he had decided to re-appoint Estrella and Alfredo Pacheco, the executive heads of the political body, as heads of the two legislatures.

Similarly, all positions in the management of the two chambers were recognized. The PRM has a majority in both chambers and can easily determine who will hold the presidency of the legislature. This is the second consecutive year of roommasters Eduardo Estrella and Alfredo Pacheco.

His words

“I discovered like you, I learned it too. And I want to say that I wanted to, because I think I have the right to be a permist, and I am not going to make any comment, but I was the modern revolutionary party.

I reiterate, the name of the party signifies many things … I regret that, as I say, I will abide by what my party says to find out from the press at this beautiful communication time, but I feel very sad.

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There were deserving deserving candidates like me, because I believe that a senator from one province, no matter how young, is equal to others. I have no comments yet to say. I found out from the press that there was a compromise, Mr. Approved with Eduardo Estrella, I have no knowledge, I found out from the press just like you, we are sorry at a modern party.

I hope my words come, and even my feelings, what I say to you is very easy to understand, and I leave it as wide as they say in Moga. “

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