Although the remains of the condominium have been demolished, the landslide site in Miami is still a danger zone.

After removing the rubble, the “ground zero” of Miami’s slope

At first glance, until a month ago the Champlain Tower on the beach on the Surface of Miami-Date County was now empty land. But nonetheless, The four basement walls of the building Still stand somewhat, and may pose a danger to travelers in the area, According to an expert.

Structural Engineer Alin Gilsheimer Surface was hired by the municipality to investigate the causes of that collapse At least 96 lives must be lost Two still missing. When the engineer and his team do their research (the final results may take several months), part of their duties Warn the authorities that there is any danger. So are they.

The letter, signed by Gilshimer, was sent to Sursite and Miami-Date County authorities, as it is known. Basement walls: The four sides that shape what the foundations of the building are.

The engineer with these walls, Anyone walking in the area could be in danger.

“We believe there is a situation Dangerous Where the walls collapse. Basically this time around these walls form something comparable to a large bathtub on the floor. Of course, they are not designed. If the surrounding area is flooded with rainwater, the situation is dangerous. “The letter says.

Part of the foundation of the collapsed complex remained
Part of the foundation of the collapsed complex remained

The text explains when you open it Vehicle traffic On Collins Avenue, something that could happen soon this weekend, If heavy trucks are built, the walls could collapse at any moment, endangering anyone who walks through the area.

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“If the walls fail, in the above situation, it is most likely a Explosion At a considerable extension of the length. It poses a significant risk to open holes, as well as to pedestrians or motorists. ”

When asked by a local press expert what he suggested in this situation, he would tell people if traffic was reopened and there was no limit to circulation in the area Walk across the street, And not in front of where the Sampline Tower was.

“If the wall collapses, or the basement is significantly highlighted, the earth and pavement retained under the street may move along with it, causing parts of the street to collapse and seriously compromise the applications under the street. Loss of support.” Explains the letter.

Local officials have not yet commented on the warning from a key expert working on the landslide investigation. It is known that the project is to reopen vehicular traffic, but it is not known whether it will reopen in whole or in part. Also, it is unclear whether they will allow pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk. At this time, the area is constantly fenced.

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