Garcia Dorazo said the fight between Pitelson and Belize was not planned

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Fight between David Pitelson Y Ricardo Belize This happened during the 2018 edition of ‘Football Picande’ There is no Iota planned Security elements also had to intervene so that the problem did not occur to adults.

In the chat Louis Garcia, Former ESPN Member, Angel Garcia Dorazo, He recalled the embarrassing moment that triggered countless memes It is already stored in the collective imagination.

Nothing was planned in the fight between David and Belize (Says where it is) “You idiot”, I sat down next to it. When you see that he is serious, you will feel when things get out of control. The producers, you know, they said ‘let’s take a break’ and yes both producers came down Lowered security elements to separateHe explained.

What happened between Pitelson and Belize?

Comparisons between a speech, reviewed by Liga MX One Day Tigers and the United States, Clubs have increased their competition in recent years.

The debate escalated to a point where Filetelson pointed out to Belize that he had left the Achilles tendon. Miguel Herrera had heard it, Something that exploded the debate.

“I mean, you know, Ricardo, that’s it Miguel Herrera negotiated to come to the United States In return for asking you to leave the United States, it is very easy, “said the journalist.

The first thing that happened to Belize was to say “You’re an idiot”, Rafael Bouvende, Angel Garcia Torrano and Alejandro de la Rosa smiled shyly. Faildenson then told me to repeat what they had told me before they went to court, the manager pointed out: “You asked, if you want, I can blow it up again. Do I want to do it again?”.

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