Garcia confirmed that he had prevented a plane seized in Argentina from entering Uruguay’s airspace – Media – 06/12/2022

The defense minister Javier Garcia Reported that entering Uruguay’s airspace from Venezuelan plane Punished by the United States that was detained last Wednesday in Argentina.

‘It was because of the information that Ministry of Interior Affairs From foreign agencies, which turned to Uruguay. The minister said at a press conference on Sunday after the 40th National Aerospace Conference in the National Party.

The plane, coming from Mexico last Monday, was heading to Argentina International Airport Azizain the province of Buenos Aires, was unable to land at his destination airport and had to go to Cordoba airport, and then take off again in the afternoon to complete his flight to Ezeiza, according to a request for information from the Argentine executive made on Friday by Representative Gerardo Melman, From the main opposition alliance together for change.

Last Wednesday, it took off from Ezeiza and, after flying over the Rio de la Plata, landed again at the airport in Argentina. The plane has since been impounded.

This was confirmed by Javier Garcia Uruguay refused to enter the airspace Following the information obtained by the Ministry of the Interior. He also denied activating the demolition law protocol.

The Minister asserted his responsibility: “(I decided) as Minister of Defense, Dynacia relies on the Ministry of Defense. When I received this information from Minister Heber, I ordered him to return if there was no humanitarian reason.”

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Armed forces and school meals during the June 15 strike

Garcia also referred to national strike from all branches education Meet for Wednesday, June 15th and how this will affect the nutrition of schoolchildren. The minister stated that the armed forces are at the disposal of the armed forces Grape s primary If necessary.

“It seems to me a priority thing that no strike in the world, or union or political claim, whatsoever, is justified or can leave the guri he needs without eating. The armed forces are ready, if requested by the Anep, to cook and ensure feed Or whatever is logistical on Wednesday.”

The Uruguayan Federation of Teachers-Primary Education Workers (Foam Tip) has announced that it will have an emergency food distribution system in place to prevent interruptions school feeding during downtime.

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