Gallery: Historical photos of the ingenious helicopter on Mars

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Ten days after flying the first plane, these are brilliant pictures of Mars. It was last uploaded to the NASA portal on April 30th.

On April 19, the ingenious helicopter became the first aircraft to perform a controlled, powered flight on another planet. He has since sent several photos showing what the red planet looks like.

It was last uploaded to the NASA portal on April 30th. It was ingeniously captured during the second flight.

On the same day the robot diligently captured the helicopter while building one of its planes. In this picture you can see the background, in front of the Mars Mountains.

In this picture, the helicopter was captured while building its third aircraft, the diligence can be seen in the upper left.

In this short video captured by Mastcom-Z, a film on NASA’s diligent Mars rover on April 25, 2021, the ingenious helicopter takes off and lands.

This black and white image was taken by a navigation camera on NASA’s ingenious helicopter during its third flight on April 25.

In this photo, captured on April 25, Ingenuity is seen in the middle of the plane in the background.

The ingenuity during its second flight can be seen here.

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