A bright meteor crosses the sky over Puerto Rico

A bright meteorite lit up the clouds and passed through various parts of Puerto Rico at 11:45 pm on Saturday.

The Caribbean Astronomical Society (SAC) captured images of the fast-moving meteorite, and eyewitnesses and one of SAC’s color cameras explained that the meteorite appeared somewhat green. Space rock with metal content.

The bright meteorite was visible to the north and its path moved further north of the island, so the possibility of some fragments reaching the mainland was ruled out because it may have escaped from somewhere in the fragment.

The SAC stressed that this was a very fast meteor and that the precisely observed high speed made it clear that the “Tau Herculids” were slow meteors, not related to the potentially intense meteor showers that could occur late Monday night.

The academy explained that some of the images were obtained with a monochrome camera, which is why in some scenes the meteorite appears without color, while in others the meteorite appears green and the path briefly orange. “It should be noted that the path is visible even after a few seconds,” the SAC pointed out.

The organization, which has thousands of people watching the sky, pointed out that this event is another reason why we often observe the sky.

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