Galileo Montejo calls Julian Alvarez ‘throw a leg up’

MEXICO CITY.- With an incomparable tour, Julian Alvarez will reunite with his fans on September 24 at a concert in Jolisco’s Guadalajara at the Delmax Auditorium.

In Guadalajara, the singer gave a press conference to announce his tour, but had the opportunity to live with TV presenter Galileo Montijo, who boasted with his peers that he had the translator’s personal phone number.

A few days ago, a film was released showing evidence of the goodwill between Galileo and Julian, who left the TV presenter’s favorite restaurant “La Corda” in Guadalajara.

Not only did Monteijo attend the press conference hosted by the singer, but his partner on the “Hoy” show, Andrea Escalona, ​​also lived with them at the end of the event.

During the morning broadcast, Galileo Montijo joked about the matter, he had the singer’s live number, but his colleagues did not trust him. “Ah, you do not believe me? I have a meeting with him … Do you not believe me? Julian, do not plant me millet, because you do not believe in me.

Julian returns to face-to-face events

This concert will mark the return of Julian Alvarez to face-to-face concerts because we remember that last March he presented a show via streaming.

“Since I was away for many years, every day, for the whole week, I recently returned to my hometown and was able to live with so many friends that we were able to cope with after the time we did recently,” he said. Said Julian during his conference.

“Even if it’s 75 or 80, or 100 (percent efficiency), the audience tries to be as patient with us as possible, after everyone is vaccinated and everyone makes that decision. The government indicates that we can show ourselves with as many people as we normally do,” he said.

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