Galilea Montejo teaches you how to dress with mom jeans to slim your waist in your 40s and 50s.

want Cover the lower abdomen? Galilee Montejo She gave us another fashion class that will make you look trendy and cover your lower belly instantly as the celebrity lady taught us how to put together an outfit. Mom Jeans 40 and 50 are ideal for waist reduction.

Galilea Montejo is wearing mom jeans

What kind of pants should you wear to cover your belly? Through her social networks, model Galilea Montejo answered us Best mom jeans to cover the belly And lower the waist immediately.

The glamorous TV host designed a super-trendy outfit that featured Los mom ripped jeans that cut her waist Also, being high-waisted, they perfectly cover that part of your body that you don’t want to show. To complete her outfit, Galilea wore a light colored sweater as a crop top for summer comfort. It’s definitely a style Jeans for women after 40 years.

Galilea Montejo wears mom jeans that cover her bottom belly | IG: @galileamontejo

That’s kind of great Baggy jeans are versatileWhether it’s elegant heeled sandals like the Galilea Montejo, they go so well with all kinds of footwear, even tennis shoes and boots.

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How to identify waist-cinching mom jeans after 40?

Mom jeans are easily recognizable because Pants that reach to the navelThey are suitable for covering the lower abdomen at any age. They have a narrow, loose leg that you can bend so that it sits at ankle height.

This is Jeans style will help you to have a slimmer figure And stylish and will put you on trend for summer in an instant. Do you dare to rebuild? Summer look of Galilee Montejo?

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