Funded Federal Undergraduate Frontier Sciences Call 2023 – COMMENT

Researcher and mathematician at the Faculty of Science Colima UniversityAnd Yakov Saveliev He was selected to receive an economic stimulus on the call Frontier Science 2023, the individual model of the “Topology and Stereograph Curves” project (Topology and Stereograph Curves), which will allow you to work to generate knowledge about useful classical mechanics; For example, to design space missions.

Saveliev He received with surprise the news that his scientific research is the only scientific research approved by the state Colima this year. He explained that his project, in Spanish, Topology f Holomorphic curveswill allow you to study one of the newest and most important areas of current mathematics: simplistic geometry, as well as its relationship to the theory of topology”, which is the most classic and in-depth part of mathematics“.

Saveliev He explained that the subject of his study lay between physics and mathematics, on the one hand with quantum field theories and string theory, and on the other hand with structure (branch of mathematics devoted to the study of the properties of geometric bodies that remain unchanged under continuous transformations); It is in the middle of these areas Spontaneous geometryrelated to the classical mechanics of Hamiltonbut uses abstract ideas that are based on our modern concept of space.”

Yakov Saveliev

He added that all this “intertwines with the theory of holomorphic curves generated with the work of Kochi And Ryman“.

In an interview, he said that, by studying Basic sciences“The research we do is driven by curiosity; basically, we just want to create theories and at the moment we can’t see their applications, but we hope they will appear later.”

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In case mathematicsIn his words, “Its applications will always emerge; for example, spontaneous engineering is used in space missions or trips to the Moon today.

On the academic impact of this new project, Saveliev He indicated that 410,000 pesos in federal support would go to A.J Student grantgiving conferences and inviting researchers to College of Science.

“It’s very interesting to understand the world,” he told young people curious about the research. “Consider that our mission in life is to find what makes us happy and firmly believe that there is no other mission in life, except to enjoy the world.”

He asked them to follow their instincts when deciding what to pursue; “If they want to do something, even if it is not very popular or has some obstacles, which they will certainly find in academic life, they are still adamant.”

Before concluding, he notes that if plans don’t work out, “Well, no way, that’s life. What’s important is the journey, not the destination.” And a reminder Albert Einsteinabout whom he said: “He had a very interesting story and faced many obstacles in his youth.”

Yakov Saveliev He has been a Research Professor of Mathematics at the University Center for Basic Science Research since 2015. Studied for his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, under the supervision of Macduff dosa. His specialty is Affective Geometry, the relationship between theories Gromov, Witten, and Fleur With Hoover geometry and algebraic topology.

before settling in Colima UniversityHe has done postdoctoral residencies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI, Berkeley, USA), at the Center for Mathematics Research (CRM, Montreal, Canada) and at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ICMAT), Madrid, Spain ), in addition to extensive research visits at Tel Aviv and Kyoto Universities.

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