From Venezuela, Aida Victoria noted her mother’s current status: “I feel lonely in a country that is not mine.”

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About three days ago, influence Ida Victoria Marlano Manzaneda He announced that he was visiting his mother in Venezuela, where two years later, a former Congressman was able to meet him face-to-face to talk about the situation he was experiencing in the neighboring country, especially after turning on the fan against the Tsar and Jerlin clans. .

Influencer and now entrepreneur re-mentioned through his social networks, details about his stay in the neighboring country and first impressions after reuniting with his mother Will face a second sentence in Colombia During his search for a seat in the Senate for the Conservative Party, there were allegations of money laundering.

Through the dynamic nature of the questions and answers made on his Instagram profile, Marlano Manzaneda was questioned about his feelings in the midst of his mother’s visit. Influence responded that It was not easy for him to meet the outgoing former Congressman.

“I feel like this pod is all around me so I never saw it coming”, Pointed out the influence. Later, he elaborated on his few days in Venezuela, describing his loss of his mother’s independence two years ago.

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Merlano said, “I thought I was coming to see her and I was in a very confused situation. And Super Complex. I’m lonely in a country other than mine, I’m dealing with a pod that feels so overwhelming to me, really, sometimes saying ‘I do not know what to do’ “, confirms that she goes through emotional hardships when she remembers having a family in prison.

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“Other than that, it’s not easy for someone to lose their freedom, and when you think they’re taken away from you at the best of times, my mom and I have always been. Many things are common, We behave well, I can not keep her out, it broke me so much”, Ida Victoria revealed.

The influencer pointed out via Instagram that the situation of her and her mother from the neighboring country was not easy. Video: Instagram (notifamosos)

It is noteworthy that in the first video he gave to his followers on Instagram from Venezuela, he pointed out in tears the emotional Odyssey that went with him.

With more stories, he announced on April 7 “To see my mother in Venezuela; I have not seen her in two years, I have some sort of excitement in seeing her, but I want to change the frustration of this kind of situation, I can not, ”said Barranquillera.

He wanted to show endless things through his official Instagram profile so that his followers would not see the awful situation he was in, but he could not do that because his head is in his head. She was devastated to learn that her mother and she could not share the full time with her.

“I swear to you that I will change everything I can sit in the restaurant with my mom because I’m been watching myself from a box at those festivals, I can not … When you imagine the life of another person or someone on the network, remember that ‘we all have problems’ “, Marlano Manzaneda, weeks ago, was spotted enjoying the Barranquilla Carnival in a ‘Monokoco’ costume.

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