From tragic past to “reality show” star: Meet Puerto Rican Daniela Ortiz on “Love Island USA”

Puerto Rican content creator, Daniela Ortiz Rivera, She says she is ready to give her life a “happy start” after losing her parents by taking part in the show “Love Island USA” on the streaming platform Peacock.

A Puerto Rican student Santa Fe College and is pursuing an Associate of Arts degree with a specialization in Animal Science. According to you LinkedInOrtiz Rivera attended Lake Brantley High School and was a member of the Sunshine Club and The Football. Also know Ballet and has been a cheerleader for football teams Basketball of the company.

As of 2020, the young lady also works as a full-time manager at Opinion Access LLC.

Star of the show Peacock, “Love Island America” He is a native of but currently resides in Puerto Rico Orlando, Florida. Ortiz Rivera loves to party and often shares funny photos with his friends Social websites.

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