From the yacht, Ninel Conde leaves her mark on summer in a sleek tan micro bikini

This is Summer It means a riot of glamor on social networks thanks to the elegant and colorful looks that celebrities have shown during their beach vacations. Although Ninel Conde She took them to another level with the little clothes that allowed her to show off An enviable figure And the perfect tan like the most recent one in brown with white detailing where she posed from a yacht in Miami.

“After a hard week’s work, a few hours in the sun” was the message the singer accompanied her postcards, in which she posed from a yacht. Elegant Coffee with swimsuit Classic triangular design It has black details and white edges A touch of youth They matched her dark glasses for her look, which she complemented with light mermaid-style waves in her hair.

Ninel Conde wears an elegant tan bikini. Photo: IG @ninelconde

“Beautiful”, “sculptural beauty”“Divine and sexy”, “What a great body!”, “You are the best man in the world”, “Beautiful Barbie doll”, “Beautiful Ninel, success in your plans”, “Perfection“, “Beautiful”, “So much beauty in one photo”, “Beautiful heart”, “Gorgeous”, “You are a beauty”, “She is a beauty”, “She is so beautiful” are some of the comments posted by fans on the actress. Within hours. Photos with more than 6 thousand reactions.

Ninel Conte glitter bikinis for summer

The Vibrant shades They are constant every summer and, along with floral prints, invade beachwear; However, some colors never go out of style, red, black and white have become a staple in every wardrobe this season, this time immortalized with a “Killer Pompon” bikini in which she exuded glamour. And beauty.

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Ninel Conde White Bikini. Photo: IG @ninelconde

The singer showed off her toned figure The perfect tan One swimsuit earned her plaudits on social media as it was a set with double ribbons going from the neckline to the waist and a bra. Smooth gold chains The bikini part she was wearing at the time adds sophistication to her look. Brazilian style.

Wearing a swimsuit that caused quite a stir on Instagram The singer, 46 years old, The bodice has a high waist and an opening decorated with ribbons and silver detailing. within it The neckline has a “V” design It’s part of the sensuality, it’s very special, although it looks forward to autumn, because green is one of the favorites for the next season.

Ninel Conde steals the show in a green swimsuit. Photo: IG @ninelconde

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