From the last seat – “Sleepers”, Robert De Niro and father Rogelio Cruz

Netflix has added to its list “Sleepers” (1996, 147 minutes), an American film directed and written by Barry Levison. He acted in it Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Dustin Hoffman, Vittorio Gassmann and other prestigious actors. It is based on the novel by Lorenzo Carcadera, one of the participants in the unforgettable event in Manhattan. I would always recommend this movie for the validity of its script, the rawness of its themes and the way some episodes have gone so far. In addition, despite its excessive scenes, it gives us an ethical, courageous, unforgettable speech.

A view of it still brings back Dominican memories. It happens when Father Bobby (played by Robert De Niro) goes to the basketball court to play with the neighborhood youths, although, in reality, he uses the game to confess to them. Those young people don’t go to church, kneel before God’s representative to confess their sins to God and seek open forgiveness.

Father’s style always caught my attention Roger Cruz as then to command and instruct a conflicted society Christ is the King. The priest received me in a modest building adjacent to his parish. There he kept the document files of the families in the field. Other folders were lined with documents about troublesome youths and children with school problems. In short, he knew the residents of the community like the back of his hand.

At one point, he put the interview on hold because he had to go to a confession. But his new outfit surprised me: a blouse and sports shorts. He invited me to follow him. Apart from the game, he explained to me the reasons behind the maneuver. “Playing with them, I can find out what they’re doing and give them advice so they don’t get into trouble.”

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Today, that event reminded me of the scene “”.Sleepers”, and a sweaty image of Robert De Niro, a religious community leader, while shooting baskets He advised the youth to forget their adventures.

The Barry Levinson movie is still on Netflix. Hope you can enjoy it.

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