Rosalia: These are the 5 items not found in the singer’s bag

Rosalia A Spanish singer, songwriter, record producer and actress recognized as one of Latin America’s most important artists and winner of numerous awards in her short career in music. In addition to her talent on stage, she is one of the most beautiful women of all time and is not afraid to hide her beauty. In the last days, he talked about things not disappearing in his bag Social websites They exploded

2022 was great Rosalia Because with the release of his album ‘Motomami’ he managed to create many hits like ‘Bizcochito’, ‘Despecha’. With her latest album, the Spanish singer toured Latin America. One of his other albums released in 2018, ‘El Mal Guerre’, is in Rolling Stones magazine’s top 10, ahead of The Beatles and David Bowie, causing outrage among fans of the British band.

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