From behind, China Suarez takes off her swimsuit and raises the temperature

China Suarez She is on holiday in Pinamar with her children Magnolia, Rufina and Amancio. A few days ago she uploaded a photo with them and captioned it, “My whole life in one photo.” Within 24 hours, the post received more than 350,000 likes and 419,000 comments. “Their personalities are a photo! Happy Rufi, Amancio Picaro and Magno doing a show of something “annoying” haha” was one of them.

China He has fun with his kids. A few days ago, she uploaded a video of them rollerblading, they took a boat ride, where they fed some ducks and ate hamburgers with ice cream for dessert. They also choreographed Tini Stosel and La Joaqui’s new musical hit Munegas.

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