Akon: “Dominican Republic is too small for Omega”

Singer Acon, who is on the Dominican Republic record with a variety of artists from the urban Creole genre, said the country is too “small” for the street Mormenguo Antonio Peter de la Rosa ‘Omega’.

For his YouTube channel, Julio Fabian told a spokesman for “Beluch” that despite having the same history as “El Fuerte”, he left his country: Senegal, but “stuck” in Omega Quiscua.

“The only difference between Omega and me is that I was able to leave my country. But Omega is not the only DR here. The Dominican Republic is too small for Omega, which is why he feels trapped He should be on top of anything in every corner, “Akon said.

He adds it Omega is “stuck” in the country and cannot use his “potential” as an artist. “I knew he was a superstar from the moment I met him. The closer I got to him the more I realized he was stuck in the same environment.”

As an artist, he explained that it was the “needs” that prevented the “fortress” from having further development outside the country.

“This is the only difference between DR and Puerto Rico. The Puerto Ricans have more opportunities because they are within the United States, but trust me, if the DR had the same resources as Puerto Rico, the story would be different, ”Senegal said.

In another aspect, the music director mentioned that he would like to create the future city “Akon City” in the style of Wankada to be held in his native Senegal in the Dominican Republic, and that he has a third to raise. $ 6 billion for its construction.

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“This will be the next phase after we exploit the city of Akon,” the musician responded to the idea of ​​building in the Caribbean.

Akon, who said he loved the Republic, also said that whenever he visited the country he would always visit one of his favorite places: Puerto Plata.

In an interview with the singer, Akon spoke about the union that should exist among local artists, thanks to “Michelan Studios”. Currently, he is in advertising with the song “Driving” featuring Melimel and the musicologist.

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