Frida Sofia sends a heartbreaking message: This is the beautiful Frida for you

Frida Sofia for several months Began a legal battle Against his mother Alejandra Guzman and her grandfather Enrique Guzman After revealing the abuse she allegedly experienced when she was 5 years old.

However, there is no news of a complaint against her mother and grandfather, and the young woman is currently accused of raping a woman at a restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Although Frida Sofia decided to stay out of public view, she surprised her supporters a few hours ago.

The miniclip shows an excerpt from a project in which Alejandra Guzman is interviewed, while the model, about 3 years old, walks into the set.

The release was accompanied by an emotional message: “This is beautiful Frida for you” The woman is no longer afraid, she is defending herself. Always sign and with conclusive evidence.

Without revealing further details about this memory, his loyal followers showed their support for the model and were unable to reconcile with her mother despite many problems.

Let us remember that he lost his half-sister a few months ago and in a recent interview he mentioned that his mother did not comfort him.

Frida Sofia sends a heartbreaking message: This is the beautiful Frida for youF
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