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It is already known that the ability to our mobile phones It is also paid. The more gigabytes, the more expensive the device, and the more capable versions of the iPhone or Android are not accessible to everyone. This is why you need to know how to manage your memory well. smart phoneand even more so when we tend to accumulate Huge amounts of multimedia content that comes to us through The WhatsAppAnd social networks… Keep these tips in mind if you want to reclaim space.

Where do I put so many pictures?

The pictures we keep on the phone make the memory fly. The ideal solution is to get rid of those that we consider unnecessary and those that we want to keep or store on the computer or in the cloud.

the iPhone You have the choice “Storage optimization”. active in Settings / Photos and in iCloud Photo Library. Smaller photos and videos stay on your device, while all the original high-resolution versions are stored in the cloud.

the android you have the app Google Images, which provides unlimited storage space. This application Backups Both photos and videos. Once the copies are made, we can delete them from the internal memory of our terminal.

Delete large files

WhatsApp is a portal for photos and videos that can break the phone due to its heavy weight. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings / General / Storage and review of large files. In the editing process, delete the ones that occupy you the most or the ones that you don’t want to keep.

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On Android, we get to Settings / Device / Storage To clean stored data cache. Here we can also delete the data of some applications, as well as downloads and multimedia files.

Remove apps that are running the most

Surely you have a lot of applications installed that you do not use. Get rid of them and you’ll have space. in Settings / General / Storage From iPhone showing the list of installed apps. You can free up space by uninstalling the app, keeping the data and documents it contains, or deleting them, making them disappear.

iOS also has a function Leave apps on standby Which we use at least (Settings / iTunes and App Store / Uninstall Unused Apps). They are not deleted, but remain in the cloud with direct access to download them when we need them.

Likewise, in Settings / Music / Optimize Storage You can delete the songs that we listen to the least with our iPhone.

In Android, in Settings / Applications, we see the list of applications. Then we have the options Force stop, uninstall the app, clear data or clear cache.

Some applications to free up space

  • Mr. clean: This application is one of the most popular When it comes to cleaning and optimizing your phone’s performance. allow Delete unwanted filesClear cache apps and uninstall apps Unnecessary quickly and easily

  • google files: powered by google, This app helps you to free up some space cleverly. It allows you to explore and remove duplicate files, check applications take up more space And move files to the cloud to free up storage space.

  • CCleaner: a favour version for computersCCleaner also offers a portable version. Cleaning is allowed junk files, free up space on RAM and uninstall apps unwanted. In addition, it has a real-time monitoring function that alerts you if this is likely to happen problems on your device.

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