Frank Ramassini, journalist and critical activist for the assassination of President Guatemalan in Guatemala

Sixteen hours ago, a young activist and independent journalist called on Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamati to resign.

Guatemalan activist Frank Stalin Ramassini, a critic of the government of President Alejandro Giamati, was shot dead in an armed attack in which three more people died at a nightclub in the capital, the ombudsman Jordan Rhodes condemned this Saturday.

“I condemn the assassination of activist, Guatemalan government critic and rights activist Frank Stalin Ramasini,” Rhodes wrote on Twitter.

Rhodes said Ramasini worked for the labor rights of national police officers and guards in the country’s prison system. According to local newspapers, he condemned corruption in the government, especially in the interior ministry.

The activist was killed Friday night at a nightclub north of Guatemala City, according to first responders. Three more were killed and two were injured in the attack.

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“I recommend that the Ministry of the Interior (Interior) and the Ministry of the Interior (the Office of the Attorney General) take responsibility for researching the facts,” Rodas said.

The prosecutor’s office said in a statement, “It is conducting investigations and working hard to clarify the facts.”

Ramassini escaped the July 2018 attack after taking part in a march demanding better conditions for police.

“Frank Ramasini, a young activist and independent journalist, was assassinated in Guatemala. The person in charge is the government. His messages will be remembered by us, they will not cover him. .

This young activist was known for questioning and harshly criticizing the actions of the President of Guatemala, who condemned the damage caused to the country’s economy by the restrictions imposed on the structure of the COVID-19 epidemic.

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“Everyone in Guatemala is waiting for today’s national network, asking God to resign Alejandro Giamate, curfew should not be imposed, some in jobs should not starve, businesses that escaped the Govt-19 epidemic will fail, and our people are on fire,” he wrote on his page.

In addition, a few hours later, he confirmed that he would attend a demonstration this afternoon (especially at 2:00 pm) demanding “restrictions or not” to demand the resignation of Alejandro Chiamate.

In his last post before he died, the activist demanded that Alejandro Giamati resign. Illustrative and non-commercial image /

Similarly, in December 2020, on his Facebook page, the journalist wrote that he had damaged Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giamati, Interior Minister Gentry Reyes and the director of the ministry, Luis Rodolfo Escobar Ovalle. Prisons, because the Home Minister called him to take responsibility for the acts of damaging the image of the above three officers.

“By sending conversations and call logs to various side executives, if anything happens to me, they reach out to the relevant companies through legal means so that they can be used for inquiries. I ask for your prayers. I keep his band well on any band. Ramasini wrote on the occasion.

Attacks on social activists have been on the rise since 2020, according to a report by the Guatemalan Human Rights Defender (Udebegua).

“The first year of Dr. Alejandro Giamati’s government marks a strong and profound increase in attacks on human rights defenders,” he said, referring to the last seven presidential administrations.

Last year, the organization recorded historical statistics of 1,055 incidents, including attacks on human rights defenders and 17 murders.

This young activist was characterized by harshly questioning the actions of the Guatemalan government. Illustrative and non-commercial image /

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