Francisco Lacabell surprises at a bachelorette party

Francesca Lachchabel Last Saturday by the stylist was amazing Jomari Koizo With a bachelorette party considered a “crazy night”.

The video, which Koizo shares from the beginning to the end of the evening, summarizes everything that happened that day, from the Dominican coming home to the dinner.

Expert in Beauty and Fashion He came to Lachsabel’s house, where he told him he was surprised and that he should close his eyes. The graphic material also shows how surprising the Creole message is.

Nevertheless, Laczabell continued “Game” From the Expert: The presenter was lifted up and finished his day dancing, enjoying the evening.

Cake Evening The form is characterized by sweet varieties The male and female members, in addition, were able to see the presentation of an attractive showman, The host of “Wake Up America” ​​greeted him with a smile.

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Lachapel did not hide his Happiness.

In 2018, during her vacation in Dubai, Dominican actress and presenter Francisco Lacabell was surprised by her boyfriend, who asked her to get engaged, and he said “yes”.

The former beauty queen shared on her Instagram account how happy and grateful she was for this surprise.

“Damn! How wonderful you were to me … Thank God! You always know how to surprise me and fill my life so generously with love! My heart is filled with gratitude. And thank you for bringing into my life the kind, generous man I love wholeheartedly.Lachapel posted.

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