Disney Plus will have plans for the new series of El Chao Dell 8

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Disney Plus Will be in negotiations for transfer rights El Chao del 8. According to a report by Marcela Kodoi, Disney Channel’s team of lawyers is in talks with legal representatives. Roberto Gomez Polanos.

According to this information, in addition to the fact that the platform can reproduce projects exclusively Sao del 8 Or some Serial Explained Roberto Gomez Polanos, They will also make a new product.

This new version of Sao Tale will now be explained by young people, but not as great as the original series It was with adults disguised as children. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

Grubo is related to Cesperito Disney Plus Under certain circumstances, it will be two seasons now to create a new series, titled “La Vesintad del Chao”.

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