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Powell is facing a $ 1.3 billion lawsuit filed by the company responsible for manufacturing technology for electoral processes, alleging that it was defamatory, following a lawyer’s accusation that he designed a voting system. Under the orders of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (died 2013) he will never lose an election, As well as the governments of Russia and China.

“At midnight, Dominion operators came in after they were told they had stopped counting. They paid the vote and changed the whole systemPowell told a news conference on November 19 that there was a “global” plot to overthrow former President Trump.

Following the flurry of these statements, Trump’s legal team issued a statement clarifying that Powell was “He was exercising on his own.” And he is not a member of the team He also did not act as the former president’s personal lawyer.

Powell’s attorneys noted in the motion that the plaintiffs classified the statements in question as ‘wild allegations’ and ‘foreign claims’ and that they were repeatedly stamped out. ‘Naturally Impossible’ and ‘Impossible’Thus supporting their security so that no one can trust them.

Even those close to former President Trump, such as Attorney General Bill Barr and Rudy Giuliani, distanced themselves from Powell’s unproven principles. In an interview with Newsmax, the former New York mayor said that the lawyer’s arguments were beyond the scope of reason. General knowledge and law.

All the cases that Trump and his legal team have filed in connection with voter fraud have failed in all the courts where they have been presented. In addition, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) certified in a statement 2020 elections “safe in history”.

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Dominion initiated legal action against Powell, Mike Lindell, CEO of Myblo, at Fox News and Newsmax, Following the January 6 attack on Capitol by a mob of former President Trump supporters. “Because Dominion presents this action to clarify things () There are mountains of direct evidence that refute Powell’s allegations of vote rigging. “, Specific company A.P.

Now, Powell’s legal team has documented that Dominion is conducting a “well-planned public relations campaign to save his business.” And the charges against the lawyer are “low”. In addition, they requested that the case be transferred from Washington, D.C. to Texas, where Powell has lived for more than 40 years.

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