Former spy Gerardo Hernandez celebrates Santa Maria festival, Cubans respond to him

A spy’s imperative is to lie convincingly because his life depends on it; But the wasp network’s failed leader, now coordinator Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) In Cuba, he lies like a bored propagandist frustrated with his job.

That’s how he showed it Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo In his latest publication Social websitesIn it he kept his hooves about him Santa Maria Music FestivalA recent discovery Kesa And the Cuban regime keeps international tourism alive with the rhythm of reggaeton and Latin music.

Screenshot Facebook / Gerardo de Los Cinco

“I didn’t even know what the Santa Maria Music Festival was, but so many posts from haters made me look it up. Well, if these are the people who call the walk of a hundred people on Calle 8 a ‘victory’, then it’s understandable to call what these pictures show a ‘failure’… #Cuba #CubaEsCultura #CDRCuba”, he said.

The CDR coordinator can no longer coordinate their ideas, which is a basic lying game skill that intelligence agents must possess. Hernández Nordelo says he has had no news of the Santa Maria music festival, such as acting in a play on Cuban television or reading his report. Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) For neighbors of your CDR.

This is how the leader of the CDR appears on social networks, without hope, without mercy, with the usual and crude handling of those who go to the palace of the revolution. A further clarification of the division mobilized by state security Firecrackers burst when GAESA collects money and mistreats the Lumban proletariat.

At the time of writing, Gerardo’s post has accumulated nearly 600 comments after not even 24 hours of publication.

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“Is that festival money also for the town? It’s sad that so much money is being spent on a program like this when Cubans suffer daily from transportation problems, shortages of medicine and food, and the massive economic corruption caused by the country’s rulers. But hey, the hotels are owned by the city, so this safe money is for ATMs,” commented one user.

“Congratulations to the upper class of Cuba, they can afford to travel to a key that 98% of Cubans will never visit, paying the equivalent of my 4 year salary as a doctor,” another mocked.

“Really? It would have succeeded if it had been affordable for ordinary people…teachers…doctors…working people…it would have succeeded if it had been free in La Postva or something. Square in any province of Cuba. If anyone with a salary could enjoy it and move around.. .Shame on them for showing the differences that exist in current Cuban society!

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