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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie advised Donald Trump’s campaign for the White House in 2016, four years after becoming an outspoken critic of the former president. Support, according to a May poll of 1% of likely Republican voters, compared to 49% for Trump, wants Christie to end a new run for the White House by Trump, who has long been disqualified as a “coward” and “Putin’s puppet.”

Christie, 60, officially launched his candidacy in Manchester, New Hampshire, by submitting relevant documents to the Election Commission. In the opening act of the campaign, Christie, a former federal prosecutor, did not shy away from a fight, directly accusing Trump of shirking responsibility for his mistakes and only caring about his ego. “A person who is lonely, selfish, self-centered and loves the mirror type cannot be a leader,” he said of his former friend.

The governor of the bi-state New York between 2010 and 2018 offers a trump card for traditional Republicans, denouncing Trump’s tough-mindedness, but judging by his low support, he may face the same fate he avoided in 2016. From the office. race According to his team, cited by local New Jersey media, he will build his campaign on a positive tone, a wink of hope in America’s “exhausted majority”; stand abductor or Patriotism Party by Trump. In his race, Christie has surrounded himself with his traditional collaborators, those who helped him in his 2009 gubernatorial campaign long before Trump emerged. was destroyed Republic essences.

Christie’s candidacy will focus on marking a contrast with the former president, who supported the former Republican president not only during the 2016 election campaign, but until Trump withdrew his confidence on the same election night in November 2020. That the Democrats stole the election.

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In Christie’s political career, an image of those who, unlike DeSantis, Pence and other representatives of a classic Republican party, converse with their political opponents will forever remain: in 2012, his collaboration with then-President Barack Obama during Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey and New York. The Democrats visited the places hit hardest by the natural disaster, and he and Christie appeared before the media as good company, rubbing shoulders without distinction. The pair’s greeting to each other at the base of the track in Atlantic City immediately became a firebrand for Republicans, while incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris recently called it a “pattern” of political behavior. Christie and Obama’s rapprochement, which Harris said at the governors’ meeting in February, “established a tradition” of bipartisanship in a crisis, days after elections were held in which Obama revised his mandate. Republican Mitt Romney. Current President Joe Biden was the Vice President at the time.

Instead of correcting or qualifying the opportunity for the hug (which was not just a hand gesture), Christie promised to “never, ever” apologize for it, saying she wouldn’t have done her job. Governor if he ignores the President who has given assistance to his state for political reasons. But the gesture didn’t sit well with the Republican base, which also took into account the 2016 primary, which saw him lose his candidacy. The Bridgegate case, a corruption and misuse of public infrastructure scandal in which two of his aides were prosecuted for the unexpected closure of multiple lanes of a bridge between New Jersey and upper Manhattan. Nearly eight years later, in a country still polarized, the friendly fire may once again reach Christie.

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Suddenly there is a shower of criticism on him from the Democratic Party. Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison criticized Christie’s entry into the field today, calling him a “power-hungry extremist” and a “longtime supporter of the MAGA agenda,” short for Trump’s motto. Make America Great Again. Harrison recalled Christie helped coordinate efforts to restrict abortion access in all states, called for cuts to Medicare and Social Security, and banned minimum wage increases for workers.

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