Former Chavista intelligence chief General Rodríguez Torres will be freed and extradited to Spain.

Former Venezuelan intelligence chief Miguel Rodriguez Torres

The process will not be so irregular, as it happened in October 2018, when Laurent Enrique Gómez Salé was removed from SEBIN, exiled to Spain, after four years in prison, without a trial. Retired Major General (former) Miguel Eduardo Rodriguez Torres was taken to two courts in record time from yesterday to today; In one, he pleaded guilty to sedition, in the other the facts were dismissed.

On Friday, January 20, 2023 at 5 p.m., retired Maj. Gen He was the head of the intelligence service (first Tzip and then Sepin) for several years, then the minister of interior and justice., was transferred to the headquarters of the Military Trial Court for preliminary hearing of the trial. At the same commencement, he pleaded guilty to the commission of sedition offences, serving a sentence of 4 years and 9 months and being granted a release.

But they did not release him because they ordered a forensic medical examination to be conducted at night in the military hospital. Today, on the morning of Saturday, January 21, he was interrogated for another case in the First Court of Control Functions, which has jurisdiction in cases related to crimes related to terrorism; The closure of the case was agreed to be a formality, but charges of treason, continuing conspiracy, financing terrorism and conspiracy would be dropped against the top official. A senior official is sent out of the country.

The Venezuelan regime wants the release of ex-minister Rodríguez Torres to be seen as an achievement for former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Sabatero. Along with the protests of educators, nurses, doctors, workers and many others, intense pressure on the streets and the protest of Lt. Col. (ex) Igbert Jose Marin Chaparro led to a 61-day fast without solid food. The World Medical Association’s Malta Declaration on Fasting People, Nicolas Maduro’s government is using a strategy of using prisoners as wild cards in other cases.

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when Gerardo Flyte Perez, head of a department of the opposition at the negotiating table, denied Jorge Jesus Rodríguez Gomez, president of the National Assembly, in a press conference on Friday morning. A partial agreement signed last year to address the humanitarian crisis, they will be replaced in one fell swoop; “That signed agreement did not state that the money would go into any Maduro government account.”

Jorge Rodriguez, President of the Chavista National Assembly (Reuters)
Jorge Rodriguez, President of the Chavista National Assembly (Reuters)

This is a fact related to what Jorge Rodríguez said three days ago, at the height of his voice in a session of the National Assembly, that if the money is not returned to the Venezuelan government, there is no reason to continue. Conversation.

The day is Thursday Nicolás Maduro Moros Receives former Spanish president in Caracas Jose Luis Rodriguez SabateroIn addition to the talks between the Venezuelan government and the Venezuelan opposition, the Venezuelan regime’s campaign platforms claimed that the talks for a peace agreement between Colombia and the National Liberation Army were the cause.

Rodriguez Sabatero and Nicolás Maduro at the Miraflores Palace (EFE).
Rodriguez Sabatero and Nicolás Maduro at the Miraflores Palace (EFE).

The Venezuelan regime wants to show the release of Major General Rodríguez Torres as an obvious result of Rodríguez Sabatero’s arrival and deals with the opposition. They want other measures because the opposition is unlikely to make the release of a former official who has been heavily criticized for his actions against opposition activists a priority. It is also known that many organizations refused to consider the former minister as a political prisoner.

During this nearly five-year imprisonment, Rodríguez Torres’ relatives denounced that the officer was kept in secret on several occasions, that they denied him medical assistance on several occasions, and that their human rights and due process were violated. His father, Jorge Rodríguez Calvis, former mayor of Aldo Aburay, died while the former minister was in prison.

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It should be remembered that The former Minister of Interior and Justice was arrested on March 13, 2018 by officers of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN). He was at an event at a hotel in Caracas. The authorities handed him over Directorate General of Military Counter Intelligence (DGCIM), who locked him in his basement. A short time later, on the assumption that he was planning to escape, he was transferred to the military attachment that the DGCIM had initially set up for Juan Guaidó at the Fort of Duna.

Rodriguez Torres Fuerte was an inmate at the DGCIM prison in Duna
Rodriguez Torres Fuerte was an inmate at the DGCIM prison in Duna

The hearing was adjourned to Saturday at 7am. Judge Carol Bielexis Padilla Reyes de Areturetta of the Primary Court for Control Activities, which has jurisdiction in cases related to crimes related to terrorism, had already decided on the tax file for crimes requested by lawyers Farik Karin Mora Salcido and Dinora Yocelin Bustamante Puerta. , from: treason against the motherland, continuing conspiracy, financing of terrorism and association.

Judge Carol Pelexis Padilla Reyes de Arredurata
Judge Carol Pelexis Padilla Reyes de Arredurata

Rodríguez Torres was initially charged with six crimes: espionage, against the security of the nation, conspiracy to riot, inciting rebellion for two different reasons, and treason, five of the six charges were dismissed.

Lawyers Farik Karin Mora Salcido and Dinora Yoselyn Bustamante Burta
Lawyers Farik Karin Mora Salcido and Dinora Yoselyn Bustamante Burta

The only crime they left him with, and the one he was eventually convicted of, the sentence imposed would include the prison he served because “in all legal circumstances he is the beneficiary of the lesser measure. Harsher than prison,” according to a lawyer, who asked not to be named.

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“There is no evidence or support for the crime against which he is to be tried, and it is easily proved by the minutes on file. There is a delay of over a year in starting the trial, during which time his family has been subjected to theft of property and harassment during detention.

In the case In the charge of sedition, the prosecution insisted that the evidence was a WhatsApp message by Lt. Sent by an unknown person who was never charged.

The WhatsApp message in which the prosecutor’s office accused the former minister reads: “From Miguel Rodríguez Torres to you: Comrades and brothers of the New Broad Movement. It is time to begin the deployment and hard work to enter the political scene and give our compatriots a beautiful, joyful and hopeful sign of the possibilities of creating an attractive homeland that will become a regional reference on how to build a revolution. universal reality and even our characteristics, habits and tastes”

The WhatsApp message added: “We need to organize and start a movement for everyone born and living on this earth. The work we embark on is hard and tiring, but it satisfies the human soul and is motivation enough to do it. Tonight we will ask God for wisdom and justice to achieve prosperity, order and peace together. A hug to you all,” the message concluded.

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