“For me, there is only one star, and the rest is nonsense.”

Lee Dumitru also commented on Mirel Rhodo’s decision not to invite May for matches against Northern Ireland and Austria in the Nations League. Instead, Adi Muthu will appear on the list for the Tennis U21 National Team Tournament.

“I do not disagree with Rhodo, he did them very well. Coman and Man have football qualities, but man FCSP man and Coman are not tens of thousands of players, I do not want to upset man.

I told the President of Concordia a few years ago to take May, he was in the UDA. If he stays with Steva, he will never become a better footballer. “, According to Prosport, Lee Dumitru said.

Li Dumitru: “For me, the FCSB is Steva. The rest is nonsense “

A former player at Steva between 1972 and 1980, League Dumitru expressed his opinion on the endless identity conflict between the FCSP and Steva: “For me, FCSB is Steve. I do not know who owns it, Gigi Begalli, the rest, I do not know about the nonsense… League 3 team, only one star for me.

If FCSP play in the United States it has no chance. He could not cope with the first positions, not even the CFR Close. The United States has good teams and the best players to play for, ”said Lee Dumitru, quoted as saying.

League Dumitru trains children individually in the United States, where he settled for many years.

5 trophiesLeva Dumitru Steva wins Footballer of the Year: two titles and three Romanian trophies

CVL Dumitru

  • Debuted in League 1 on March 10, 1968 at FC RK – Rapid 3-0.
  • He played for the Rapid team for 6 years, after which he was transferred to Steva
  • He chose at least 8 seasons in a band shirt from Kenzia
  • He played in more than 250 matches in the red-and-blue jersey, including 10 in the European Cup
  • The national team played at least 57 matches in Jersey
  • He was the captain of Steva and succeeded Irdenescu in this position
  • The first league has 442 games, ranking 9th of all time
  • On June 19, 1988, in the Steva-Rapid 5-0 match, he ended his football career while in the Rabbit.
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