For 15 years the athlete believed that Alessandra was Ambrosio’s boyfriend

An extraordinary incident took place in Italy. Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has been believed to be his girlfriend for 15 years by volleyball player Roberto Casanica And victim Fraud over 700 thousand euros, I.e. more 17 million Mexican pesos.

This ‘love’ story began during Manuela, A former Kassanica team player gave him a woman’s number She called herself ‘Maya’ to protect her identity because, as she puts it, she was a popular modeling star who was loved all over the world.

I never doubted: for me it was her. It was comforting and comforting for me, “the new Matter Serie B volleyball player told Mediaset,” he agreed. Enjoyed the voice Those who listened to the other end of the phone, thus they maintained a long distance relationship.

Due to the enchanting power of women, Who sent him photos of the supermodel who appeared to be putting on or changing makeup before the modeling session, Kassanika started sending him money frequently.

However, The reasons given by that woman, Who claimed to live in Cochlear, They raised the tone so as not to look at each other: “She said a thousand excuses about illness and work. However, I fell in love with that voice, calling it one after the other. We only had contact by cell phone, it was almost daily. I called her before I went to practice. Or at night, before going to bed,” said the player. .

“It simply came to our notice then His continuous business trips And that Acute heart disease For that she told me she was constantly in the hospital. I sent those bank transfers that they left me on the street, ”he added.

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How did you find the truth?

Due to debts, Kassanika returned to give money to her family and friends So that he can continue to meet the needs of his ‘girlfriend’.

The woman’s persuasion The player began to lift him to make the deposit Suspicion of his colleague New Matter, Who started the investigation against ‘Maya’ and assisted journalist Ismail La Vardera They discovered the truth.

Cassanica’s girlfriend, posing as Alessandra Ambrosio, actually 50 year old woman living in Sardinia, her name is Valeria.

Thus, To open Kazanika’s eyes her colleagues confronted the swindlers: “Roberto was in his world and in his beliefs, which is why his surprised face caught my attention. Manuela confirmed that she did not know him. It was a big blow to Kassanika, who at the time understood everything. That must have been scary for him. “

They raise funds to help you

For this fact, Roberto Kazanica ended up with a loan of 60 thousand euros, But his team decided to help him progress, so they started A fundraiser So you can get a loan from the bank.

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