Fold clothes this way to save space: Tips for packing this holiday


It can help us to make a list

Many have already enjoyed their holidays, and others will do so in the coming days. If you’re planning on going out soon, there’s one thing you won’t throw away: packing your suitcase. Today we stop at some tips to make it easier for you Maximum use of space In addition to preventing clothes from wrinkling.

The first thing is to know what kind of bag to take. If you travel by car, it is best to take leather or canvas bags, and if you travel by plane or train, it is best to choose a hard bag that is better and better resistant to shocks and transportation.

Regarding the method of folding clothes to prevent them from wrinkling, most experts recommend order: store them rolled or folded vertically, and can be applied to T-shirts, jeans, underwear, and jackets. Shirts, skirts, pants, and more solid garments are best folded in the traditional way.

More tips for packing our suitcase

To avoid filling our travel bag too much, we can try sticking to the 5,4,3,2,1 rule, or what is the same, take five tops (shirts, T-shirts and jackets), four bottoms (trousers) and three dresses, two types of shoes (sandals and slippers) and one accessory each, eg a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a bag…

Expert in arrangement and cleanliness Begona Perezknown in networks as The ordenatriz (la_ordenatriz), He explains from his account a space-saving trick, putting the cans inside the shoes, yes, inside plastic bags to prevent the smell from transferring. We can do the same with socks.

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It can also help us to stick to clothes of two or three colors that can be combined with each other, to wear accessories such as necklaces and scarves to give a different touch to the same look and to forget the word “just in case”.

Another thing that all the experts agree on is the importance of not forgetting your travel documents: passport or identity card, driver’s license and credit cards are essential. «Also, if we travel by plane, bus or train, we will have to carry tickets with us, which can be printed on paper or in a mobile wallet »They explain who Homemania.

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