Florida Mesa asks to clarify doubts about Cesprito’s biographical rights

Knowing that “Cesperito’s” son, Roberto Gomez Fernandez, is producing a biographical series about the artist’s life, the actress seeks to include him in the negotiations involving who her husband is, and that the rights to life and image should be defined by Roberto Gomez Polanos.

“What Florinda is looking for is to clarify to whom and how Don Roberto’s biographical rights correspond, and have nothing to do with Cesperito’s intellectual property. About, because it was not mentioned in the will, ”said Mesa’s lawyer Guillermo Bousse in an interview.

The attorney clarified that this is not an attempt to take advantage of Florida because he only wants to take into account that the legal situation has been clarified.

“It’s not that he’s asking for a review of the lineage or getting one, it’s similar to him, why? It is known that Mr. Gomez Fernandez is in talks or was already in the pre – production stage for his father’s biographies. This is a right he does not have, or at least has not been awarded. Will be the study, or it will apply to all parties, namely Mrs. Mesa and Mr. Roberto Gomez Fernandez and her five sisters.

Bows insisted that Florida was the author and co-author of several screenplays on the history of Cesperito.

“Her husband, Mr. Roberto, refers to her as the person responsible for protecting the integrity of the work, and a restriction that she must always be a part of all negotiations regarding Cesperito’s rights, which she knows is the way she wanted these rights to be exercised,” she clarified. .

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