Florida County Pine Point Announces Emergency on Phosphate Plant Decline | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

“I have declared a state of emergency in Manatee County to ensure that resources for response and recovery are allocated as there may be mixed salt water leakage from the southern reservoir of the Pine Point plant,” Desantis said.

According to the Bradenton Herald, Public officials announced the immediate collapse of one of the reservoirs with hundreds of millions of gallons of polluted water, which could cause severe flooding in the area.

“Evacuate the area now. The collapse of the Bini Point deposit is inevitable. Leave the area immediately,” reads the county’s public safety warning.

Experts from Florida’s Department of the Environment, along with HRK Holdings, which is in charge of the site, are working at full speed to control the flow of 22,000 gallons of polluted water per minute into Tampa Bay from Tampa Bay.

Downloads already concerned environmental activists, who, According to the Bradenton Herald, Water containing ammonia, phosphorus and nitrogen, fear that it will create a red wave growth in the area.

Manatti County Commissioner Misty Cervia, Posted on his Facebook account Video of one of the points where 11,000 gallons of fluid is expelled per minute.

There are two other deposits of liquid in the plant, but officials do not believe they are leaking.

The Florida Highway Patrol It also announced the closure of U.S.-41 to 113th Street east of Manatee County and College Avenue in Hillsboro County on Saturday.

For his part, Florida Sen. Rick Scott, Posted a tweet In it you indicate that you are closely monitoring the situation and that you will work to obtain any federal assistance that state or local authorities deem necessary.

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