Five apps to make free video calls this Christmas

Applications to make free video calls with family and friends.

In christmas, All people want to be next to their loved ones, but there are many reasons that prevent this. Although technology provides a series of tools to facilitate communication and make others feel like they are next door.

Video calls have become a favorite option in recent years because they allow multiple users to join at the same time, provide communication tools, and express feelings that arise this time of year.

So, here we give you an array of free apps Android Y iOSThey’ll all be together on Christmas Eve, even if it’s only real.

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(Photo: Meta Blog)
(Photo: Meta Blog)

Recently, the application has made several changes in this section, such as adding up to 32 people to a video call at once, giving it a wider range so that they can all share a space together.

But since everyone wants to send their greetings, having so many people gathered there will definitely cause confusion, so now there is an option to mute other participants and order the call.

Added the ability to create a link to share it with contacts and have them join the call, or use it to schedule a specific meeting time in advance and have everyone enter the link at that time.

Although it is considered a work tool, there are many additional points that are important at this time of year. Initially it is the application Google It lets you add up to 100 people to a video call, so of course no one in the family gets left out.

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The other thing is that you need an account GmailAn advantage for older people who are not very tech savvy but have a phone Android, you need an account on this site to work. So they only need to enter the invitation link and the app will be automatically downloaded to the mobile.

Option to make a video call more fun than a conversation. This application has the possibility to interact with augmented reality filters and games, which makes meeting time more pleasant and different from what other platforms offer.

application target Allows you to add up to 50 people in a single call and requires you to have an account Facebook to enter.

This may interest you:

The app underwent several changes in its design and functionality.
The app underwent several changes in its design and functionality.

The app recently added some tweaks like news feed, real-time translation and mobile platform layout changes so everyone can customize to their preferred colors.

The free version lets you add up to 10 people in a single call, perfect for smaller meetings.

There is only one in the list App Store. It is a designed application Manjana For your devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac. So you can restrict certain people from joining the meeting.

But if there is a guarantee that everyone can access it, it will allow up to 32 people to get together and be native. ManjanaIf you have any of these devices, you don’t need to download anything extra because it’s already included in the default platforms.

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