Firefighters put out a fire that broke out in a building in the El Montreal residential complex

This morning the fire department extinguished the fire that burned part of the third and fourth floors of the 1st building. Residence El Manantial In the Puerto Nuevo area, jurisdiction Guenabo.

Acting Fire Commissioner Marcos Concepcion explained The fire, which broke out in an apartment on the third floor of the building, spread to the fourth floor.

Initially, police indicated that the incident started on the first floor and extended to the third floor, but the information was clarified by firefighters.

The fire broke out at around 6:50 a.m. when a fire broke out in an apartment on the aforementioned housing complex.

“As for the fire, the third and fourth floors will be affected. The first and second floors were damaged by water and smoke. But the importance of a smoke detector in the apartment has been proven here. “, Concepción was founded before members of the press.

According to the officer, the woman in the burning apartment acted immediately when she heard the smoke detector alarm.

“Life can be saved with a smoke detector. The citizen here took care and called the police. Fortunately for adults it did not happen.”Concepcion reiterated that he had not been injured or died as a result of the emergency.

He said the circumstances that influenced the development of the incident were not mentioned, so a Fire Marshal They will come to the scene and conduct an investigation.

A resident of the area said he noticed the fire spread after he heard an explosion from one of his neighbors’ apartments.

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“We were asleep, at that moment we heard an explosion, we started to go outside to see what was there. We went there, we took the girl out, nothing … Thank God everything was fine.”, Revealed by Raymond Necron New day.

“The woman claims to have lit a cobra (a candle to repel mosquitoes). She went to bed to sleep and found that the boxes were on fire and there was a fire,” he added.

During the firefighting operation, residents of neighboring apartments were evacuated by authorities as part of a safety protocol.

“There may be significant losses as we talk about the four sites that have been affected,” Concepcin said.

Firefighters from Guaynabo, Puerto Nuevo, the metropolitan station and the Special Operations Division were called to the scene.

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