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Committee of the US House of Representatives What inquires Attack on the Capitol On January 6, he unanimously voted in favor of formally initiating the process of declaring Trump’s former adviser a ‘criminal contempt’. Steve Bannon, For refusing to testify until now.

Scheduled for this week The entire House of Representatives votes, Will be sent later Department of Justice.

In a 26 page document, Lower level group Presented his case against Benon. “Our goal is easy, Mr. Bennon must answer our questions,” the panel said Tuesday afternoon.

“It is a shame that Mr. Bannon pushed us into this situation. But we will not answer ‘no’. We hope he has the relevant information. For our research We will use the tools at our disposal to obtain that information, ”the group leader explained. Penny Thompson.

Bannon was summoned by the committee several times, but refused to come forward with the same argument. Trump has pointed to other allies, “Management Offer”, A rule protecting former presidents about the public use of information, decisions, conversations, documents and other data handled by the White House. Presented by the former President Ordered not to cooperate Below is a Democrat-led inquiry.

Through this action, the group seeks to compel Bonan’s testimony and both Send a message to other former Trump collaborators Like him, try to avoid their appearance if they are summoned.

A letter from Benon’s lawyer obtained from such media Mountain Include Threatening to sue Trump And the need to “respect his call for executive privilege”.

He added: “Even though your client was a senior adviser to the president, during the period in which the testimony was requested, he was not allowed the immunity you suggested Trump would ask of him, even if it was not the case.”

Congress wants to know what Bannon has to say about the Capitol Hill robbery

The specified documents also contain information that the team wants Penn to provide: Your role in planning the January 6 demonstrations And its integration with the aforementioned other, Kash Patel, Who was then the acting Chief of Defense Staff Christopher Miller.

Legislators also want to know If Penn had discussed the election with far-right groups What Proud boys And the Guardians of the Truth, as well as other leading figures in conspiracy theories, led the attack on Capitol.

What is happening to Bannon and the witnesses of other Trump allies is very important Trump will file a lawsuit against the group Tuesday In an attempt to prevent access to his government records kept in the National Archives.

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