Guido Gomez Mazara’s stern warning to PRM

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), the political wing of the government, is lagging behind, which the Perm leader says is a mistake Guido Gomez Mazara.

In assessing failures PRM At Bar Association of the Dominican Republic (CARD) and the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) warned that it was necessary to analyze and reflect on what had happened.

“We were very inactive because a political party must establish itself in the technical protection of its government administration. ATP Coalitions, there were last-minute agreements that were not enough to prevent the PLD from winning. It points out that in the party we have to have a reflective process, why do we ignore the mass fronts and why it has taken so long to include middle leaders in the government, ”he said.

In contrast to one part of the party, he sees it as a signal for the necessary response (what happened in ADP and CARD).

Avoid taking arguments against it Responsibility Meaning, “he said.

He said he has been touring for three months National TerritoryMoreover, every week he speaks to the elders, and the reaction he had was that the party was too concerned about ignoring the people who worked for it to come to power, and did not receive due attention.

“Those ranges in mass nodes indicate that we need to dedicate more time Labor Biased, “he warned.

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