Figures ask to be excluded, others reject the call and some plead for nomination

This February 5, the Association of Art Journals (Akroord) announced the candidates for Sovereignty Awards 2024 And as usual every year their “Kick“There are those who reject it because they are not nominated and have already said they will not attend the award.

This year, the communicator Bolivar ValeraComedian Month of Fausto and animator Frederick Martinez “El Bacha” has first “kicked” against the most important award of the Dominican art class.

“El Poli” expressed his desire not to run again at the awards ceremony because ““He didn't believe in the prize.”

The announcer and current deputy of Santo Domingo Est, nominated in the Variety Radio Program category for “El Mananero”, requested to give his place to the person who starts on the radio.

“I honestly wish they'd give that space to someone who's starting to do radio, and that El Mananero isn't recommended. I'd like to do that. In fact, if there's any chance they'll recommend new radio owners. The show, things like that, because it serves as an incentive. .. I don't believe in the award,” Valera said while appearing on the morning show.

On the other hand, Frederick Martinez ““The Pasha” described as “Abusers” to the members of the Agrorde for not nominating him.

Leave Pasha's hand, you abusers, No, those guys from Agrorte should be respected, you abusers, you have balls, El Bacha from La Mega, Vasilón de la Manana, the guy who killed 40 thousand people in front of Citi Field, Madison Square Garden, all at weekends Pégate y Gana Maintaining with Bacha,” Martinez said in a video posted on digital platforms.

Fausto Mata, nominated with his place “The Piano Mouth Premios Soberano 2024 announces es un Show” in the Comedy Show category They will not attend the ceremony Awards for his experiences in previous years.

During a phone call, the actor explained the production of Soberano Galas in “La Uca”. Alberto Zayas In his words they were not the best, unlike those led by Edilinia Doctuk or René Brea.

“I've been to a couple of Zaidas productions and so far they haven't met my expectations, not that they're going to make a soprano for me, but I find them too weak. I prefer René Bria more, a little more background, a little more swinging than Edilinea,” Fausto said.

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previous years

The nomination is rejected

Last year, entrepreneur Engel Landolphi characterized it this way.InappropriateHis wife is an artist Miriam CruzHis artistic director was nominated for Merengue of the Year with the song “Yo soy la bien”. Sovereign Awards 2023.

Landolfi explained that although the song rose quickly on digital platforms, he agreed that it should not be in the nominations because its release occurred after the period of the nomination evaluation process.

If I start it on January 10, 2023, how are you going to nominate me in 2022? “It's a contradiction, which means to me she's not recommended.” He revealed in a call to the radio show “La Formula”.

Likewise, he said there were other merengue songs that met the requirements to be taken into account, saying “they didn't notice it”, but “they recommended me for a song that came out five weeks ago”. The association understands through art chroniclers (Agrorde). He laid a “big egg”.

Singer-songwriter in 2021 Vasan Prazoban He asked Stop nominating him, because they've been doing it for over 20 years. That year the artist was nominated in the solo vocal categories. Composer and/or Lyricist

“I started my career at the age of 23 with a group of Negroes. Since then I have been nominated for Cassandra Awards (now Soberano) for 20 consecutive years. There comes a time when one is no longer interested in competing, but rather in making music and seeing people feel it. After 20 years at the recommended place, thank God and people, I believe I got ten hits, one has to lead new people to grow the genre,” said Prazoban on his social networks.

Likewise, Urban Artist of the same year Vaguero He rejected his nominations in the “Video of the Year” category for the audiovisual of the song “Varun” and “El Problema”.

Thank you for your kindness, but I am not ordained.I think other singers deserve it, not me, because I was focused on other things. Thanks for the good idea SOVEREIGN PRIZE,” the singer wrote on his Twitter account.

Another expressed his displeasure with his appointment Sovereignty Awards 2021He is a master of dancing Carlos VeetiaHe was nominated for “Choreographer of the Year” between 2019 and 2020 for “Bailemos,” which he says he doesn't remember doing.

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“Please take my appointment, I don't know why: I was nominated for something I had no idea what it was. Thanks for thinking of me, but I think there should be a different kind of award for the classics,” he wrote on Instagram.

10 years ago, Vladimir DodelThe leader of the Illegales group asked Acroarte to be excluded from their nomination for the 2014 Soberano Awards because he understood that his work did not fit the category they had nominated him for.

Nominated in the Illegales category Artist and/or Urban Group of the Year.

“@AcroarteRD I respectfully request that you exclude us from the Urban Artist category as the work we do does not fit into this category.Dodell said on Twitter. He added:

“I understand that boys The Major, The Alpha, Deke Deke If they deserve to be there. Thank you for your understanding”.

When the prize was still called CassandraComedian Miguel Cespedes asked Aghort Stop nominating him For him and his friend and partner Raymond Bozo as comedians, they could do it with other artists.

Those asking to be nominated

Some ask to be excluded from the nomination and others to be included. As is the case Allah JazaDescribed Agrorte in 2021 “Egg Farm” The Primios Soberano is due to exit the category in 2021, that year Jobs from 2019 and 2020.

He posted a post on his Instagram account in which he said, “Keep calm, because the country knows that he and his band have been the best for years playing shows and digital platforms, and a small group doesn't want that. Recognize it. “It's another thing. We are in the digital age and the numbers are…”

In Bachata, Victor Dumay He also complained about the exclusion of the virtual concert he had given Frank Reyes 2020 from Angora Cape Ghana.

I challenge any of those critics to say what is better in terms of quality than Frank Reiss' montage.“Dumé revealed to LISTÍN DIARIO at the time.

Louise's HonManager Raulin Rosendo complained about the absence of a veteran salsa singer: “With all due respect, only Yeo in 2020 sounds as good or louder than Rowlin. This refers to the topic “They know nothing”.

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Urban layer Cheki Vicini He posted a story on his Instagram, with a picture of a skull and the caption: “I am waiting here for one day to nominate me“, with a smiling emoji. In another message, she added: “I believe Agrorte didn't recommend me because I'm black”.

Film producer Jose “Pinky” Painter He noted that his 2019 documentary Santo Domingo was left out of the 2021 Soprano Awards nominations.Well, no… “Santo Domingo, first “released as a documentary” in America”. Pinter posted on his Twitter account.

If there is one artiste in the country who is ready to put on her gloves and fight, she is Marcel Brown Skin. You must remember how he took to the streets in 2012 and joined his fans in the streets of the Dominican capital in demonstrations demanding his candidacy.

In 2021, Baladier, in an apparent sign of anger, released a short video showing two broken statues, in which he revealed: “You have to restore them over time, they break down.” A few words are enough for better understanding.

Those who did not go to the ceremony

There are those who are invited to an award ceremony and “fumble” by not attending. One of them was El Bacha, who was one of the most “kicked” against the award.

A few years ago, The entertainer said he will not be attending the 2013 Soprano AwardsUnsatisfied with the way the nominated artists were selected, he quit and threatened to sue the association.

He also said he did not agree that awards held for artistes continued to reward professionals from other areas.

Likewise, famous actor and theater director, Vadis Jacques He expressed his displeasure with the manner in which the nominees for the 2013 Sovereign Awards were selected.

At the time, the producer also said that Premios Soprano.What I mean is not a life plan: I need to get those clothes out. Attending the Soberano Awards isn't really a priority”.

In 2018, Urban Artist, InevitableSoberano described the invitation to the awards as a “joke” since it arrived the day before the gala.

“Joke of the night……..thank you so much for the call, not in the background, or the sound search engine, congratulations”, he shared on his Instagram account at the time.

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