Figuito Vasquez exposes himself against Miguel Vargas Maldonado

National Secretary of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (P.R.D.), Rafael (Fiquito) Vásquez declared that the political institution was “in a state of emergency”. Disability What he says he wants to lead, his president Miguel Vargas Maldonado.

Chairman P.R.D. Vargas Maldonado confirmed the party KidnappedViolation of laws, taking decisions without meeting or consulting governing bodies and listening to party platforms.

He added that, because of Vargas Maldonado, “The P.R.D. Today he has the sympathy of less than 1% of the Dominican population, while when he assumed the presidency of our organization, he had more than 40% of the will of the national electorate “.

Vasquez urged the president P.R.D. Set aside to get to work Exclusions and sectarianism Politics, as well as political and baseless condemnations, gain public popularity.

“If the partner Miguel Vargas Maldonado Will not change course anytime soon will disappear The initials of the party that had the greatest mass leader in the country and part of the world, Dr. Pena Gomez,” Vasquez said through a press release.

The political leader also denounced the president P.R.D. is dedicated Derogatory For mayors who have abandoned their party’s line, he doesn’t realize that if things don’t change, he’ll be left alone because they’re not in a place where no one is accounted for, much less where there’s no guarantee of his political future.

He recalled that for the first time, his party could not present a candidate for the presidency of the republic and the mayors who won their seats today in the last elections. Miguel Vargas MaldonadoBut He didn’t take their callsEven worse, they try to see it and never get around to getting it.

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According to Vasquez, sees Neglected and abused By the President P.R.D.Some mayors have moved to another nest, “a system” in a state of emergency due to stubbornness Miguel Vargas MaldonadoWho has shown that he lacks the vision needed to lead an organization with tradition P.R.D.”.

“To a friend Miguel Vargas Maldonado You can’t forget that when he was president He forgot “His mistreatment of party responsibilities, leadership and all militancy of the party, instead of strengthening his party, got him 40% sympathy,” he opined.

Likewise, Vasquez called on the entire leadership P.R.D. Unite to stop the bleeding that is affecting this political system today.

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