“Fights today are not good for space”


BUENOS AIRES, 2 (NA). – The leader Patricia Bullrich, president of the PRO, remarked that Together for Change has the task of “defending the citizens” and said that there should be a “normal and peaceful” competition since “the fights today are not good for the space. “.
“The most important thing is to focus on what society expects from the coalition. And it hopes that we can generate a balance in the elections so that there is no Kirchner majority in the chambers,” he said.
He also stated that “citizens must be defended. (In JxC) They are all candidates from the same sector and it is essential that there are rules of the game for normal and peaceful competition.”
In that direction, he stressed that a “code of coexistence” in the opposition force represents a “model of ethics.”
“As president of the PRO I collaborate and write the code so that all candidates feel that they have an obligation and a supreme objective to attend to the needs of society. If we fight among ourselves we seem selfish in the face of the verticality of the ruling party.”
When asked about Elisa CarriĆ³’s intention to initiate legal actions against Facundo Manes, the former Security Minister stated that “conversations should be promoted to settle everything in a talk, not making the debate public.”
And he added: “All the candidates of Together for Change are within the same idea and have to pull the car forward. People expect a lot from us, not from the fights.”
The disputes in Together for Change motivated Alfredo Cornejo, leader of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), to call a meeting for this morning to tone down the internal struggles.

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