FIFA has officially expanded its list of players for Qatar 2022 to 26

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The FIFA Announced that Approved to expand the number of players for the final list Presented by the coaches Qatar World Cup 2022 A 26 playersIn addition Pre-list It was 35 Now it could be 55 Should have a greater edge of maneuver in case of loss.

This situation arose because the coaches of the national teams demanded this increase Have a wide base if there are injury problems and some kind of infection COVID-19, Because there are still some health problems due to infection.

At the request of the strategists Approval was also given to place all starters on the benchBecause, they do not want to dismiss football players causing problems inside the locker room.

With this, Each team can add up to 15 players to the benchIn addition 11 training staffOne of these 11 is a team doctor.

The Office Made by the President FIFA And the leaders of the six football federations decided it Clubs need to release football players Go to the World Cup Not after November 14thSo they will play last with their clubs Sunday 13 Of that month.

The U-20 World Cup is recognized in Indonesia

One of the contracts made by the directors Recognize Indonesia as its seat 2023 U-20 World CupWell, this country is going to host the 2021 World Cup, but it is not possible due to the epidemic and now there is an opportunity to do so again.

The World Cup runs from May 20 to June 11. But it will not be an FIFA date, so clubs will not be forced to lend to their players before their participation in the leagues ends.

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