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This Thursday, January 20, the first edition of Fictio Mx, a Mexican science fiction and fantasy film festival, began. It will be until January 23 when this film festival dedicated to two film genres that have captivated the national public for decades ends.

The Mexican platform of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine), FilminLatino, is where all the Fictio Mx programming is hosted virtually. There are 22 science fiction and fantasy titles. With this festival, we can realize the great alternatives that are offered to the public, regarding these genres.

A point to highlight within the programming of this first edition of Fictio Mx, is the great presence of science fiction and fantasy film productions, whose original language is Spanish. It is encouraging to see that works from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Spain lead the Festival’s programming.

France, Ireland, the Basque Country and Catalonia also contribute productions to Fictio Mx’s programming. With this, the Festival, since its first performance, becomes a niche that houses the other science fiction, the one that is not produced in the big studios, but that has high standards in its making.

It is necessary to point out that the 22 titles of this Mexican science fiction and fantasy festival have, as a common denominator, a high qualitative level. Both the background and the form in each of the proposals are worthy of drawing the viewer’s attention.

The viewer who decides to take a closer look at Fictio Mx’s programming will find a high artistic and technical level in each production. The great public of Mexico has long deserved a space dedicated exclusively to science fiction and fantasy cinema.

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Of course, the cinematographic space proposed by Fictio Mx is not exclusive to science fiction fans. It is an open area for all types of public. This festival is also a universe for the training of new spectators.

It is worth applauding the great support of Imcine so that Fictio Mx, through its streaming platform FilimLatino, has free access throughout the Mexican territory. In every corner of the country where there is an internet signal, it is possible to see the content of this festival, at no cost.

The other science fiction, the other fantasy in the cinema, can be seen all weekend. Seeing the programming offered by this event is a refreshment to the offers presented by the streaming leaders in Mexico.


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