Facundo Campazzo dived for a ball and drove the Denver Nuggets fans crazy


NBA experts have promised that Facundo Campazzo will always guarantee a play that will drive Denver Nuggets fans crazy. He was the first pigeon!

Facundo Campazzo en Denver Nuggets Vs.  Toronto Raptors
© Cole Burston / Getty ImagesFacundo Campazzo en Denver Nuggets Vs. Toronto Raptors

Delivery was never negotiated. Facundo Campazzo He clarified every opportunity available to him during the season NBA 2021-22 He’s going to use it very well, even though he’s going to jump on his head and reveal his physique, he’s going to show it. Denver Nuggets They should never have thought of kicking him out of the team in a trade.

From Experts trembled Campazso’s continuity In the yokes before the trade deadline, Fakundo controlled only the items in his hands. That’s not bad! Because up to the last three Denver games The game against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday, February 16 He boosted his tally, leading the team to a point and leaving a pearl that kept the fans crazy.

From all to all! According to Ignacio Miranda, a journalist at Sports Analytics World (Sports Analytical World), Facu Campazzo Raised his average per game 8.3 points, 3.7 assists, 3.0 rebounds. In addition, the security of the Argentine point guard did not lag behind.

Following matches against Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic. Compassso As ended The Denver Nuggets header was deflected off the stumps (10) and the ball bounced back (4). And magic? This is the home brand of Fakundo!

Video: Faku dives first for a ball and drives Nuggets fans crazy

In success Denver Nuggets 110 to 109 points against the Toronto Raptors, Facundo Campazzo pigeon retrieves a ball first, He drove the fans who saw him crazy and surrendered to his delivery an isolated special NBA account with over 7,000 followers: “Every time he comes in, he’s going to guarantee it.”

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