Faces of Saratoga: Victims of the Disaster Who Need Clarification Responsibilities

So far 46 people have died Disaster at the Saratoga Hotel in Havana Have been identified. Most of the workers at the facility are members of the GAESA military group, which is considering reopening on May 10.

Many are still unknown, except for their family and friends who observe mourning today. They were able to put a face to others by sharing their profiles on social networks and those close to them who shared pictures after the explosion and doing everything they could to find them in the hope that they were still alive.

Are here Faces of children, youth and adults who lost their lives to a crime Gas leak. Some stayed for several days in the rubble.

Jonஃப்f Jose Chapman Iscierto, ten years old The old man and his father, Jose Carlos Chapman Serrano, 36, Had gone to Havana two weeks before the bombing. Both are Holguin natives. They were walking through the corridors of Saratoga when misfortune struck.

Melanie Laura Mosque SakonA native of Havana, he died at the age of only 17 at the event.

Luisa Guilbeau Arrastia, 39, A worker at the Moro Cabana Military History Park. He left a ten-year-old girl.

Maria del Pilar Monson Gonzalez, 56, Although he is officially listed as a native of Havana, where he has lived in recent years, originally from Cologne, Mattanzo. She was buried there, DIARIO DE CUBA confirmed.

The other details of the dead are not much Natyelis de la Caridad Brito Ibarzabal, he is 15 years old; Milton Lorenzo Ventura Narbona, 67; Mr. Ramon Torrebio. Vergara, 65 years oldY Alexis Lufriu Herrera, 49All from Havana.

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Adriana Joshua Diaz, 52From Havana, Saratoga worker, etc. Yenisleidis Morales Armenteros, 34Y Odalis Barrera Gonzalez, 57Hotel cashiers.

Julian Bubo Costellano, 34 And from Havana, where he left three children, he was the driver of a state-owned CUPET truck delivering gas and its leak is said to have exploded.

Eric Giron Molina, 35Ernesto Che Guevara was a worker in the nickel factory in Moa, and His wife, Habanera Vianka Yaniel Matos Cabrera, 40, left an 11-year-old girl, who was also one of the patients admitted to the hospital in intensive care. Giron’s body was transferred to Moa last Sunday.

Maria Isabel Bullain Montes de Oca, 29 years oldA tourism graduate, lived in Havana Luciana Sierra Garro, 54 years old.

Juan Carlos Hassa Martinez, 50, A native of Havana, he was a receptionist in Saratoga. Ernesto Gordonas Gomez, 33, From the sixth degree of the University of San Geronimo University in Havana, has worked in the Group Cooperative of the Fund for Cultural Properties. During the disaster, he worked on designing the Saratoga lobby.

Julio Jesus Trujillo Navarro, 19 years old; Daniel Cruz Gordonas, 25; Claudia Castellanos Anduch, 30, Accountant of Grubo Caviota of Havana, the youngest of the victims. Castellanos Anduch leaves a little girl.

Rafael Vika, 50, He is a father of two and has been a chef in Saratoga since February this year. His family had been waiting for news for three days around the hotel. Was in his kitchen Illness Guzman Suarez, 44Also deceased and identified in recent days.

Other deaths identified, Maylin Quezada Velazco, 31 years oldY Suzelle Torres Garcia, 35Workers at Hotel Saratoga and residents of the capital.

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Juan Carlos Diaz Alvarez, 55Prado was the representative of the 19th constituency of the People’s Assembly Maria Consuelo Alvarez Valdes, 77 years oldNeighboring country of the area where the explosion took place.

Finally, they have been identified Chef Yosmani Hernandez Demo, 49And this Young Shady Christina Cobas Mesa, 27 years old, Residents of Havana, Saratoga workers who were in the building when the explosion occurred. Their bodies were the last to be recovered from the rubble.

#HotelSaratoga Faces, some of the 45 deaths that erupted on May 6 in #LaHabana. Read more at #DiarioDeCuba: https://diariodecuba.com/etags/hotel-saratoga.html

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