Facebook is now called meta: these are the memes

(CNN Español) – Mark Zuckerberg, the company he founded on Thursday, Facebook, Now called meta. This does not mean that Facebook will disappear, as announced by technology mogul, but that Facebook will become another service within the company’s subsidiaries such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Renaming occurs when Facebook calls it “Government investigations”Related to documents leaked by a whistleblower, as well as increased research into practices and their benefits.

While showing what meta represents for the future, Zuckerberg expressed his vision of what he calls it.MetaVerso”, This is the next frontier for him. One of the videos the brand new showcased had a floating screen that turned into a meme meet at the speed of a virus. Free canvas is available for people to get creative.

This is how they responded to the announcement of the meta on the networks.

You have done so far. Now look at the “metaverse” Facebook intends to create:

Find out what Metaverse is and what comes up on Facebook 1:46

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