Facebook, Instagram and more social networks with Lite version to save space

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The Lite versions of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social networks and more apps will help you save mobile data, space, and battery your cell phone without having to continually delete your photos or files.

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If your cell phone continually sends you the message of “Not enough storage space available “, use Lite versions of your social networks it is a great option. The Lite options, as the name implies, are lighter versions, so you save RAM memory, and allow you to do more things at the same time on your device.

Besides that consume less mobile data, another benefit of the Lite versions is that they use very little battery, so you can continue to publish on your social networks even though you have the minimum. You will be able to post, chat and upload content while spending less energy on your cell phone.

However, you should consider that being simpler tools than the originals, they have fewer functions. But the basic options they remain and are safe downloads for your device.

5 social networks with Lite version

1. Facebook Lite

It offers you the basic options of the social network: view publications, comment on them or make them yourself, but with a simpler interface; it also occupies only 2 MB, so you can have it additional without taking up a lot of space. However, in the light version you cannot view gifs, videos or live broadcasts. Available in Google play.

With Facebook Lite you will remain connected even with low battery (Google Play)

2. Messenger Lite

The Messenger Lite option basically allows you to chat with others, through chat, calls and also send and receive stickers. What it does not allow is to add contacts or record videos. Available in Google play.

Facebook Messenger Lite allows you to save all your chats. (Google Play)

3. Instagram Lite

It complies with the basics, it allows you to upload and view photos, although it does not allow to share publications in video format, you cannot send direct messages to the stories of the people you follow and there are fewer stickers for the stories. Available on Android.

You can upload photos on Instagram Lite (Google Play)

4. Twitter Lite

You can chat and publish, the main difference from the normal app is that only the images and videos that you want to see are downloaded, that is, you must select them, since they do not appear automatically. The interface is simpler, it is only available on Google Play.

Twitter Lite helps you save space. (Google Play)

5. Google Maps Go

Like the original, it provides detailed voice directions with GPS but does not allow sharing your location in real time or assigning private labels to some places. At the moment it is only available in Google Play.

So now you know the light versions of social networks, which one will you try first?

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