Facebook and Instagram say goodbye to ‘options’ (if you choose)

New York (CNN Business) – Facebook and Instagram offer all users the option to ‘Like’ or hide Like The audience in their posts, which can change the main movement of social media sites, where numbers etc. are seen as a sign of a person’s influence and popularity.

Users of the social media company are testing the option to hide the ‘Like’ number From 2019, A particular feature on Facebook, is the less stressful way to use Facebook and Instagram.

Beginning this Wednesday, Facebook will allow all users to choose whether they want to see the amount of ‘likes’ they receive on their posts, and how many other users’ posts they’ like ‘. Post on your blog.

Facebook is working to combat growing criticism that social media sites are detrimental to the well-being of users and the community. However, even with Wednesday’s announcement, covering up likes on Facebook and Instagram is optional and not by default, so it’s not clear how many users will actually take this step.

“What we heard from people and experts was not looking at the numbers Like Beneficial to some and annoying to others, especially because of the use of population Like To get an idea of ​​what is popular or popular, so we give you the option to choose, “Facebook said.

If users choose not to share the number of people who ‘liked’ their posts, visitors can see the list of people who liked the post, but not how many they got. You can see the number of options, even if the person who posted the photo is not publicly displayed.

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Facebook and Instagram users can hide the number of options they receive in their publications. Credit: Facebook

The company said the feature will allow users to “focus on shared photos and videos, rather than the number of options they receive for their posts”.

Facebook and Instagram users do not see how many people liked other people’s posts while scrolling Fodder, A feature that can be activated by visiting the “New Posts” section within the Settings option, the company said.

Some users have expressed a desire to hide ‘likes’ in advance on Instagram CNN Business This will help improve platform well-being. However Influencers Social networks that create app businesses, proving your own ‘Like’ count and comparing it to other users’ posts can be important in gaining collaboration with lucrative brands.

Facebook said in its blog that it is funding research on “People’s experiences on Instagram and how we can improve our policies and products to support our community.” Accepting the plans of academics and organizations Such studies are non-profit.

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