Fabio Capello fires everything up by halftime

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Emiliano Martinez has become the world’s first public enemy. Not the least, all the approaches he has taken since the conclusion of the Qatar 2022 finals have earned him endless criticism.

First of all He made a gesture classified as obscene After he received the tournament’s Golden Glove award, he taunted Kylian Mbappe in the Albiceleste locker room and continued to charge the French striker in a parade through the streets of Buenos Aires, where he was carrying a PSG-emblazoned baby.

There are already several characters associated with football who have thrown everything at Thibu because their attitudes have not gone down well and one of those who have joined in the criticism is Fabio Capello.

What did Capello say about Thibu?

During an interview, the Argentina coach was questioned about the image of the Argentina goalkeeper. He described it bluntly: “He’s stupid.”.

On the other hand, the player who led the Albiceleste to their third World Cup win over France praised Lionel Messi: “Like Pele, like Maradona, other players have done things that other players would never have imagined.”

What do you think of Martinez’s approach?

Which other players criticized him?

After the final, several personalities spoke out against Emiliano Martinez, one of whom was Adele Remy, who won Russia 2018 with France, and who could have been too harsh against Thibu: “This is the biggest shit in the world of football”.

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Another French critic of Argentina, Patrick Vieira, thinks his attitude has overshadowed everything his team has done in Qatar 2022: “Some of the photos I’ve seen of the Argentine goalkeeper take some of the shine away from what Argentina has achieved. The World Cup is a stupid decision (to use a baby Mbappe doll)”.

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